Top ten ‘A’ Goddesses (in alphabetical order)

‘A’ Goddesses as in Goddesses whose names begin with the letter ‘A’.  Who knew there were so many wonderful Goddesses round about our little world!  please feel free to suggest others to add to the list . . .

Aphrodite: Greek Goddess of love, lust and beauty.
A’akuluujjusi: The great creator mother of the Inuit people.
Aine: Irish Goddess of love, growth, cattle and light. Her name means bright as she lights up the dark. Celebrations for this goddess were held on midsummer’s eve.
Andraste: a Celtic war goddess invoked by Boudica while fighting against the Roman occupation of Britain in 61 CE.
Angwusnasomtaka: The Crow Mother. a wuya, and a mothering kachina figure. She is considered the archetypal mother of all the , or of all kachinas. She also often leads other kachinas into a ceremony, often carrying corn kernels and bean sprouts as a symbol of fertility and good luck for the upcoming new planting season.
Arianrhod:  Welsh Goddess of fertility, rebirth and the weaving of cosmic time and fate. Her name means “silver wheel,” representing the cycles of life.
Artemis: Greek goddess of the hunt, daughter of Zeus and Leto and twin sister to Apollo. She is usually depicted bearing a bow and arrows. Artemis was known as the leader and chief goddess of the Amazons. Goddess of the moon, fertility, childbirth, and the hunt. She is the protector of children and maidens and she is also a virgin goddess.
Ashtarte: Greek Goddess of fertility, sexual love, and war.
Athena: Greek Goddess of crafts, strategy, wisdom and war. Athena is also a virgin goddess.
Atira: The Pawnee Sacred Earth Mother of every living creature.

The Pawnee were hunters, when they told to abandon hunting and settle down to farming, the elder replied: “You ask me to plow the ground! Shall I take a knife and tear my mother’s bosom? Then when I die she will not take me to her bosom to rest. You ask me to dig for stone! Shall I dig under her skin for her bones? Then when I die, I cannot enter her body to be born again. You ask me to cut grass and make hay and sell it, and be rich like white men! But how dare I cut off my mother’s hair? It is a bad law and my people cannot obey it.”


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