Welcome to my adventures in reading, writing and thinking


Come have a taste of what I’m thinking these days. Maybe even come back regularly, drink deeply.  Maybe even share a thought or two of your own. How delightful it would be to share a bit of dialogue.

Here’s wishing you sunny days and moon lit nights, sweet encounters and salty friends.


For those of you looking for a great new read, check out my debut novel, The Letters from Mrs. Roosevelt!

It is the story of Joan Zatańczy’s determination to graduate from Barnard College, the obstacles she encounters, and the secrets she uncovers along the way.

The story begins on the eve of Joan’s 21st birthday as her mother gives Joan a sack of letters from Eleanor Roosevelt, hoping Joan will find a senior thesis topic in them.

The story unfolds in Joan’s letters to her best friend, Yanina, an Israeli Kibbutznick. It is the story of Joan’s loss of innocence (her college advisor seduces her), and her growing conflicts (she discovers she is pregnant, files a paternity suit, and faces a threat of dismissal from the college). Joan’s letters are a celebration of the strength of women and of the power of Mrs. Roosevelt’s letters in bolstering the strength and resilience of Joan’s character.

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Curious but not sure, click here to read the first pages

2 thoughts on “Welcome to my adventures in reading, writing and thinking

  1. BJ Mangold

    Was a pleasure having lunch with you and your friend at Sesuit Harbor Cafe. Just placed an order for a copy of your book. Look forward to reading it lakeside. Enjoy the rest of summer. Did you catch the Harvest Moon reflecting on the ocean?

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