Top Ten (plus two) quotes on Gratitude

10. Joy is the simplest form of gratitude. Karl Barth

9. Gratitude is the memory of the heart. Jean Baptiste Massieu

8. Gratitude takes less energy than anger. Kristin Cashore

7. Gratitude is exultation awaiting between the cracks of normalcy. Frederic Potter

6. Gratitude as a discipline involves a conscious choice. I can choose to be grateful even when my emotions and feelings are still steeped in hurt and resentment. It is amazing how many occasions present themselves in which I can choose gratitude instead of a complaint. Henri Nouwen

5. Some people grumble that roses have thorns; I am grateful that thorns have roses. Alphonse Karr

4. Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings. William Arthur Ward

3. For me, every hour is grace. And I feel gratitude in my heart each time I can meet someone and look at his or her smile. Elie Wiesel

2. Gratitude takes nothing for granted, is never unresponsive, is constantly awakening to new wonder. Thomas Merton

1. Got no checkbooks, got no banks. Still I’d like to express my thanks – I’ve got the sun in the mornin’ and the moon at night. Irving Berlin

+1. Gratitude is liberating. It is subversive. It helps us to realize that we are sufficient, and that realization frees us. Joanna Macy

+2. I would feel more optimistic about a bright future for man if he spent less time proving that he can outwit Nature and more time tasting her sweetness and respecting her generosity. E.B. White


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